Branding, Web Design

Date Added

May 27, 2013

Project brief & details

jotdwn is a free web app designed to quickly save social network contact information right on your phone, tablet, or laptop. Initially developed as a demo for An Event Apart, the app utilizes HTML Local Storage to store data locally within the user’s browser. It serves as a quick and temporary way for conference goers to collect social media information from the people they meet.

Working with a fellow coworker, we developed the initial concept from wireframe sketches before I translated them into pixel-perfect Photoshop mock-ups. By the time An Event Apart rolled around, my colleague coded a fully-functional prototype to share with fellow attendees. jotdwn was so well-received at the conference, we were convinced to move forward with a public launch.

You can find jotdwn on Twitter and BetaList.

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