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Peanut Envy

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April 2, 2019

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In 2017, I founded an online retail company called Peanut Envy.  As someone with life-long allergies to peanuts and soy, my mission was to build a website that allows people to easily shop for food according to their specific food allergies.  I spent over a year developing a business plan, doing market research, sourcing vendors, and curating products. In September 2018, I launched

Built with WooCommerce, Peanut Envy features an intuitive user interface that allows customers to see which products are free from the 8 common food allergens. I designed all marketing collateral including the Peanut Envy logo, business cards, posters, and social media graphics. In March 2019, I launched a separate clothing apparel store hosted by Threadless.

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